Welcome to Ramona, California, the Valley of the Sun!
Ramona Grasslands County Preserve   Photo by Tracy Rolling

Ramona Grasslands County Preserve

Photo by Tracy Rolling

Pursuing a Peaceful Place Called ‘Ramona’

 — Tracy Rolling

People looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life need look no further than the peaceful place called “Ramona.” 

With a variety of opportunities to capture the calm of a single moment, the tranquil town is surrounded by fields and farms, and provides an abundance of fresh air. 

By day, the sky is powder blue, sprinkled with occasional clouds and soaring birds, and framed by mountains in the distance. 

At night, the sky submits to the clarity of the stars and the quiet hum of the whispering wind. 

As an unincorporated area of the county, Ramona is a scenic 45-minute drive from downtown San Diego. 

With ideal weather that promotes year-round activities, the area is bursting with events geared to residents and visitors alike. Many can be found in the pages of this issue of The Guide to Ramona, such as summer classic car events, music performances and concerts, hiking, antique shopping, wine tasting, stargazing, organized sports and so much more. 

The community also has enough amenities to offer consumers a choice between fine and casual dining and traditional and organic grocery stores, as well as options for automotive, beauty, fitness, lodging, entertainment, professional services, real estate, shopping, and pet and animal supply providers. 

Newlyweds Sheree and Le Roux Konig moved to the area two years ago.

“We considered other communities, but none compared to the quiet, friendly atmosphere we found in Ramona,” said Sheree. “We just love it here!”

They enjoy exploring the town and the neighboring areas. 

“We’ve found it rich in history, loaded with open space, and well worth the extra commute to work,” she said, encouraging people to get out and experience the peaceful place we call “Ramona.”