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Rolling British Car Day

On Sunday, April 28, members of the San Diego British Car Club Council will make their way to the backcountry in style — parading first through Ramona and then moving on to Julian as part of the Rolling British Car Day event.

According to club president Joanie Berkwitz, more than 125 cars of British make will participate, including Jaguars, pre-war MGs, Land Rovers, Jensens, Triumphs and Minis, to name a few.

At 10:30 a.m., the cars will gather at the intersection of Highway 67 and Dye Road, drive together down Main Street, and then turn right on Third Street.

They will continue on to Menghini Winery, 1150 Julian Orchards Dr., in Julian, where participants will have a picnic lunch. 

“Don’t miss the parade,” says Berkwitz. “It’s a treat to see these beautiful automobiles being driven by their passionate owners.”

She suggests that those who wish to view the cars at the winery should plan to arrive between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Visit www.sandiegobritishcarday.com for information.

“We’ve run this event for over 20 years,” shares Berkwitz. “Wherever we end up, people do enjoy the spectacle.”

Vintage British cars, like this Ford Thames Van, will parade through the backcountry on April 28, during the Rolling British Car Day event.

Photo by Shona Richards

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